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12th August 2022 

Why Come to Counselling or Psychotherapy?

During our lives, we meet many challenges and difficulties. Sometimes these worries pass and we can move on, at other times they are harder to understand. This can leave us feeling confused, anxious, isolated or depressed and may prevent us from living the fuller life we often yearn for. Difficulties that are most common and where I specialise are:

•Stress and anxiety
•Life changes such as mid-life or divorce
•Self-destructive behaviour
•Loss of direction in life
•Poor self-esteem
•Bereavement and loss

Counselling is an intervention which can help bring about constructive change; such as by transforming unsupportive patterns of behaviour, coming to terms with loss or healing the traumas of our personal history. It can help you discover your own answers, perhaps leading to a greater sense of choice, a deeper understanding of what is important to you and possibly access hidden sources of wisdom and strength that can enhance aspects of your life.